HMRC Seminar Series - 2005 to 2006

We would like to thank the following speakers for their participation in our Seminar Series:

March 2006

- Dr. T. Derek V. Cooke, MA, MB, BChir, FRCS(C), Orthopaedic Consultant
"Software solutions for Limb Deformity Analysis"

- Dr. Maarten Beek, PostDoctoral Fellow, Mechanical Engineering
"Percutaneous scaphoid pinning using ultrasound guidance"

- Ms. Amber Simpson, PhD. Candidate, School of Computing Science, Queen's University
"Computer-assisted distraction osteogenesis by Ilizarov's method"

February 2006

- Dr. Kevin Deluzio, Visiting Professor, Dalhousie University 
"Gait Analysis as a Tool for Investigating the Pathomechanics of Knee Osteoarthritis and the Design and Evaluation of Treatments"

January 2006

- Mr. Michael White, Librarian for Research Services, Engineering and Science Library, Queen's University
"Searching Patent Literature: New Tools and Techniques"

December 2005

- Erin Smith, MSc. Student, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
"A Virtual-Joint Model for Computer-Assisted Preoperative Planning of Osteotomy"

November 2005

- Dr. Brad Slagel, Orthopaedic Resident, Queen's University/KGH
"Computer-assisted alignment correction"

- Dr. Andrew Quinn, Orthopaedic Resident, Queen's University/KGH
"Computer-assisted versus conventional LISS plate placement on an intact femoral model"

- Dr. Heidi-Lynn Ploeg, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Research Activities at Bone and Joint Biomechanics Lab, University of Wisconsin - Madison"

- Dr. Jason Gambrel, Orthopaedic Resident, Queen's University/Kingston General Hospital
  "A retrospective comparison of complications for cemented versus uncemented hip arthroplasty for pathologic hip fractures"

- Dr. Max Lincoln, Orthopaedic Resident, Queen's University/Kingston General Hospital

- Dr. Aravind Athiviraham, Orthopaedic Resident, Queen's University/Kingston General Hospital
"Radiation Exposure to the Patient and Orthopaedic Surgeon during Scoliosis Surgery, Using Standard Fluoroscopy, Fluoroscopic Image Guidance, and Computed Tomography Image Guidance"

October 2005

- Joel Lanovaz, PhD. Candidate, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
"A 3D Dynamic TKR Model: Development and Application"

- Dr. Tom Radcliffe, PhD., iGO Technologies and Queen's University
"Fast2D/3D Registration Without Hardware Acceleration or Pre-Computation"

- Dr. Burton Ma, Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Computing Science
"Unified Point Selection and Surface-Based Registration"

- Elvis Chen,  PhD. student, School of Computing Science
"Ligament Strains Predict Knee Motion After Total Joint Replacement"

- Mr. Mehdi Hedjazi Moghari, PhD. student, School of Computing Science, Queen's University
 "Multi Fragment Bone Surface Registration"

- Mr. Amir Tahmasebi,  PhD. student, School of Computing Science, Queen's University
 "A Haptic-based Ultrasound Training / Examination System"

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