HMRC Seminar Series - 2004 to 2005

We would like to thank the following speakers for their participation in our Seminar Series:

September 2004

- Brooke McKnight, Master's Candidate, School of Rehabilitations Therapy, Queen's University
"Repeatability of an In Vivo MRI-based Method of Measuring Patellofemoral Joint Kinematics During Loaded Knee Flexion"

October 2004

- Dr. Gregory Jerkiewicz, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering, Queens University "Electrochemical Formation and Properties of Coloured Passive Layers on Titanium and Its' Alloys"

- Dr. Manuela Kunz, PostDoctoral Fellow, School of Computing Science, Queen's University
"The intra-operative use of image-free, computer-assisted **total knee arthroplasty** systems to reconstruct the natural kinematics"

- Dr. James Stewart, Associate Professor, School of Computing Science, Queen's University
"Rendering CT Images: A Brief Introduction and Some Recent Research"

- Lisa Catana, Master's Candidate, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Queen's University
"Design of a Long Range Mobility Device"

- Dr. Isaac Dwosh, Professor, Department of Medicine and Head of Rheumatology Division, Queen's University
"RA-A model autoimmune disease"

November 2004

- Stephanie Madill, PhD. Candidate, School of Rehabilitation Therapy, Queen's University
"Synergistic Pelvic Floor and Abdominal Muscle Contributions to Rises in Intravaginal Pressure in Urinary Continent Women"

- Dr. Derek Cooke, Adjunct Professor, School of Rehabilitation Therapy, Queen's University
"Clinical application of Standardized Radiographic Imaging for Knee Problems"

- Dr. Charles Sorbie, Professor, Department of Surgery, Queen's University
"A Review of Ceramic, Metal and Polyethylene Bearing Surfaces"

January 2005

- Paul St. John, VP Image Guided Surgery, iGO Technologies Inc.
"Managing Software Resources: An Introduction to Revision Control"

February 2005

- Mohammad Abdoli, PhD candidate, School of Physical & Health Education
"Biomechanical-based design strategy to reduce spinal compressive force"

- Thomas Kuiran Chen, MSc., School of Computing Science, Queen's University
" A System for Ultrasound-Guided Computer-Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery"

March 2005

- Sean Richards, PhD.Candidate, School of Computing Science, Queen's University
" An Orthopaedic Surgery Planning Tool"

- Mohammad Abdoli, PhD. Candidate, School of Physical Education and Health, Queen's University
" Office Ergonomics: Self Assessment and Re-Design"

- L. John Schreiner, PhD., FCCPM
Chief Physicist, Cancer Centre of SouthEastern Ontario Assoc. Prof. Depts. of Oncology and Physics, Queen's University

" Megavoltage CT Imaging: Is there a potential beyond image guided radiation therapy"

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