HMRC Seminar Series - 2001 to 2002

We would like to thank the following speakers for their participation in our Seminar Series:

September 2001
- Dr. Albert Clark, Department of Biochemistry
"Ethical Issues in Research on Human Subjects"

- Jennifer Durkin, PhD Candidate, Deparment of Kinesiology, McMaster University
"Modelling the Inertial Properties of Hum an Body Segments Using Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry"

October 2001
- Dr. Pat Costigan, Professor, School of Physical Health and Education
"An Open Source Motion Analysis System: Ideas and Directions"

- Dr. Rijcken, Orthopaedic Surgeon, The Netherlands

"External Fixator"

- Dr. Charles Sorbie, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Kingston General Hospital
"Unicompartmental Arthroplasty of the Knee"

- Sandra Crocker, Director Research Services, Queen's University
"Locating and Securing Research Funding"

- Gerry Saunders, Design Research Associate, HMRC
"Using Common Sense in Design"

November 2001
- Kathleen Norman, Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation (Physical) Therapy
"Hand Tremor in Parkinson's Disease"

- Tara Ziolo, MSc. Candidate Mechanical Engineering
"The Niagra Prosthetic Foot"

- Dr. Maarten Beck, Department of Functional Anatomy, Univeristy of Amsterdam
"Biomechanical modeling of the human jaw joint"

- Dr. Mike Tschakovsky, Associate Professor, School of Physical Health and Education
"Human Mobility and Activity: The role of CardiovascularAdaptation"

December 2001
- Brenda Brouwer, Associate Professor, School of Rehabilitation Therapy "Seniors wobble but they don't (necessarily) fall down"

January 2002 - Dr. Dean Tripp,Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Queen's University
"Athletics, Surgery and Pain"

- Dr. Hiroshi Miyamoto, Post Doctoral Candidate, HMRC, Queen's University "Clinical, biological and biomechanical aspects of pathmechanism of lumbar spinal disorders"

- Amy Sidwell, M.Sc. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering, Queen's University
"Effect of twisting hamstring tendon grafts on failure load and joint laxity through the range of knee movement"

"Arthritis and its effects on people. An introduction to the Patients Partners in Arthritis."

- Dr. David Wilson, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Queen's University
"Improving knee replacements by measuring knee mechanics"

February 2002
- Elsie Culham, Associate Professor and Chair, Physical Therapy Program, Queen's University
"Reliability and sensitivity of ankle proprioceptive measures

- Dr. Derek Cooke, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Habib Medical Centre
"Advances and applications of Digital Imaging of the Knee"

- Yvan Petit, Ph.D. Candidate, Biomedical Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique
"Biomechanical analysis of the flexibility of the scoliotic spine for the planning of surgical instrumentation."

March 2002 - Indra Maharaj-Seegobin, Patient Partners in Arthritis, Sunnybrook and Women's College HSC
"Arthritis and its effects on people. An introduction to Patients Partners in Arthritis."

- Andrea Holbeche, Master's Candidate, Mechanical Engineering, Queen's University "Analysis of Lifting Task for Women at Various Stages of Pregnancy"

- Renee Frigault, Master's Candidate, Mechanical Engineering, Queen's University "Trunk Extensor Fatiguability as Risk Factor for Low Back Pain During Pregnancy: Development and Validation of Protocol"

- Dr. Chris Gordon, Applications Consultant, STRATEC Medizintechnik
"The merits of peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography (pQCT) for assessing bone density and geometry, trabecular texture and muscle cross-sectional area."

- Eding Mvilongo, Master's Candidate, Mechanical Engineering, Queen's University
"Three-Dimensional Motion Tracking of the Forearm using Surface Markers."

- Jennie Malone, Master's Candidate, Mechanical Engineering, Queen's University
"A comparison of Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Motion Tracking Systems."

April 2002
- Chantal Perot, Departement Genie Biologique, France
"Spaceflight and neuromechanical properties of postural muscles

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